7 Effective Ways to Pray for the Leaders in Your Life

UntitledKnowing you need to pray and then actually praying are two different things, right?

I have recently had the honor of sitting on the Search Team Committee at my church where we have been tasked to find the next senior pastor. We are praying for a Godly leader.  School Board elections just took place in my kids school district. I am searching for new leaders in the Women’s Ministry programs that I oversee and oh yea… we are gearing up for the Presidential election in the United States this fall. There is much to cover in prayer.

Do you pray for the leaders in your life?

Thankfully I was part of a group of ladies who decided to read through the Bible in 90 days.  A challenging experience I would highly recommend.  As I was reading through the book of Colossians, I was inspired by the Apostle Paul and how he prayed fervently for leaders he had never met.  He applies Godly principals and firmly believes you should live in constant communication with God for when we do we not only are unified with Christ, we are unified with each other.  Think of the positive impact we could be a part of if we prayed more for each other.

Here are 7 things to bring before the Lord as we pray not only for the leaders in our communities and across the globe but for our families and friends too.

  1. First thank God for those who are Christ followers and then pray for those who are not that they would come to know Him.
  1. Ask God to help them know what He wants them to do.
  1. Pray that they will develop a deep spiritual understanding of the scriptures.
  1. Ask God to help them live for Him, not the approval of man.
  1. Ask God to help them have a deeper understanding of who God is in their lives.
  1. Ask God to give them strength and endurance to start and finish the leadership roles they are called to.
  1. Ask God to give them a heart of thankfulness and joy.

We might not personally know the needs of the leaders that affect our communities and world, yet if we pray the above mentioned prayers all things are covered through the sufficiency of knowing who Jesus is.

How many people in  your life could be touched if you prayed in this way?

Here’s an added challenge: Go back through the list of 7 prayer petitions for leaders and train your kids how to pray for their leaders: coaches, teachers, band directors, Sunday School teachers, and of course…parents.

For this reason, since the day we heard about you,
we have not stopped praying for you
and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will
through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.
And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord
and may please him in every way:
bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,
being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might
so that you may have great endurance and patience,
and joyfully giving thanks to the Father,
who has qualified you to share in the inheritance  of the saints in the kingdom of light.
Colossians 1: 9-12

Sherri CrandallBy Sherri Crandall
Wife to Rusty, Mom of 4
1 Corinthians 13 Parenting Team Member
Associate Director of Women’s Ministry at Mission Hills Church

– See more at: http://www.1corinthians13parenting.com/7-effective-ways-pray-leaders-life/#sthash.pgAJCCiB.dpuf


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